The history of the company began in 1955, linked to my father, Nevio Maggiolo, who was its founder.

In collaboration with other mediators of the time they asked and obtained through the C.C.I.A.A. of Rovigo the opening of the “Centrale Ortofrutticola di Lusia“, inaugurated in September 1955 as a production market.

The purpose of the founders was to centralize the collection of products, an area dedicated to fruit and vegetable production, provided by the producers of Lusia and neighboring countries, to standardize the offer and consequently the marketing of the vegetables delivered.

In the photo of the inauguration, Nevio Maggiolo, my father, is the first from the right.

Dad remained at the helm until 1978, the year of his untimely death.
In the same year my official entry into the company dates back, working with awareness and willingness to acquire experience (given the young age), to manage the company in the best way I could.

The company operates within the agri-food center, and over the years has evolved changing components, arriving in 2012 with the entry of the shareholder, Gabriele Bombonato.
Gabriele deals with the commercial sector with a lot of professionality, subdividing it from the administration, which I deal with with the help of my son Lorenzo and the collaboration of Stefania and Lucia. All this makes the Maggiolo SRL a dynamic team, able to pool resources and create synergy in sharing commitments and development goals.

Our Goal

The goal of Maggiolo SRL has been and still will be to economize in the territory by marketing, promoting the enhanced basket of typical products of our territory, collected and packaged directly from our local producers, ensuring high quality and freshness, thus maintaining the organoleptic properties of the collected products. We give particular attention to those protected by the European Union, with the IGP brand, Lusia Salad, cappuccia e gentile; furthermore, we adhere to the Consorzio di Tutela, of which we are certified for the packaging of the white garlic of the PDO polesine.

Another objective we are working on is that of sharing with our suppliers the conservation and cultivation of products in an environment dedicated to biodiversity in agroecosystems, in order to guarantee more and more the traceability of an excellent and special product according to the highest quality standards. In this way, responding to the evolution of consumption and consumer needs.

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